Collection: Home + Car Sprays

 Are you in love with our wide variety of candle scents? Well, we've got something that will help you keep your scent game on fire! Our room + car sprays fill any room with just 1-2 quick bursts & our sleek black bottles add an upscale appearance to any home design. Did I mention that thanks to the biodegradable formula, these sprays can safely be used on linens without staining or even as a body spray! Whether it be your house, linens or car that needs freshening up, we've got you covered. 

Our room + car sprays are perfect for travel, car or home air fresheners, office sprays, linen sprays or gifts. They also fit snuggly in any bag or purse for on the go!

Key Features:

- Neutralizes odors in your home, car or on the go

- Formulated with biodegradable ingredients that are eco-friendly & non-toxic 

- Provides long lasting freshness

- Can safely be used on linens without staining 

Ingredients: water, fragrance oil