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Candy Kisses Travel Size

Candy Kisses Travel Size

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Walk through gumdrop gardens with our signature Candy Kisses Body Glaze. Infused with the sweet smell of vanilla and caramel, it smells so good that you'll want to eat it (but don't). Give your body the moisture, brightness and restoration it deserves with this natural blend of oils topped with the candy-like scent of cotton candy. Your body (and anyone who smells you) will thank you!

Scent Notes: Raspberry, cotton candy, caramel, vanilla

Size: 2oz


⁃ Evens out skin tone
⁃ Encourages moisture retention
⁃ Maintains softness and radiance of skin
⁃ Vitamin E & Vitamin C help with blemishes
⁃ Shields skin from ultraviolet radiation
⁃ Protects skin against damage
⁃ Heals chapped skin
⁃ Anti-inflammatory effects

    Ingredients: Avocado Oil, Sunflower Oil, Grapeseed Oil, Fragrance Oil.

    Directions: Apply post-shower on damp skin as a hydration sealer or anytime on dry skin as a moisturizer. Use as a body moisturizer or massage oil, or add a dropper of oil to a hot bath for a silky, hydrating experience. If used in the bath, please be careful exiting the tub as it may be slippery.

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