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Bougie Car Diffuser

Bougie Car Diffuser

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Let our uniquely scented Bougie car diffuser transform your car into the luxury vehicle of your dreams. This rare blend of mahogany, coconut and sandalwood mix together to bring warm, luxurious comfort straight out of the bottle! Just like the name, this favorable scent will create the ideal bougie atmosphere. 

Scent Notes:

  • Top - lemon-lime
  • Middle - coconut
  • Bottom - vanilla, sandalwood, musk

Size: 0.27g

Burn Time: up to 40 days

Reusable: Yes

Throw: Bold



1.) Twist off the diffuser cap and remove the plastic stopper from inside. 

2.) Once the plastic stopper is removed, twist the cap back on the diffuser bottle. 

3.) Once the cap is secure, shake 2-3 times to wet the wood in the cap. 

4.) If the scent begins to smell faint over time, simply shake 2-3 times to rewet the wooden cap. Use caution as to not over saturate the wooden cap. 

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